Guild Wars 2

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Guild Wars came out several years ago and quite literally shocked the MMO world with its fast paced gameplay, innovative grind-less philosophy, and best of all: a lack of a monthly subscription fee. There were lots of different skills, a PVP system that was fun and balanced and constant expansions coming out bringing new content.

For several years now ArenaNet has been hard at work developing their brand new MMO guild wars 2 gold world with new professions, new races, new gameplay modes, and brand new engine and story. After having looked at all the new features of Guild Wars 2, it's safe to say that this game is a lock to be a great game, and definitely better than the original.

We must first start with the 5 new races that are available for play in Guild Wars 2. These new races aren't simply visual candy used to separate the thousands of players playing at the same time as each other. In fact these new races will have their own starting areas for quests, they will have their own racial traits, and also they will possess unique racial abilities that will each give a specific kind of edge in actual combat.

Besides this, the game engine has been progressed quite significantly, and this is great news. The lore and story is meant to be very well produced this time around, with innovative storytelling methods promised by the game developers. Those who felt that the previous game's mechanics were not well implemented will be pleased to hear that buy guild wars 2 gold game physics will be improved to be much more realistic and real life, with the new ability to jump and move freely within the newly expanded world.

The original Guild Wars had different servers for players looking for RPG and those who were interested in player vs player combat. This time around, there is no such distinction. Players can't attack other players in the normal game mode in Guild Wars 2. You will only be allowed to attack opposing human players in one of the 2 PvP modes featured in the game.

The first PVP mode is aimed at hardcore players who like to engage in eSport and are ultra competitive. This game mode can be entered by anyone, and the item/skills/characters will be balanced out regardless of how you are itemed in the normal world. This balanced game mode will allow Guilds to fight other Guilds and will be the competitive ladder system that many MMO players have come to expect from top of the line online games.

The other PVP mode is for casual players and will even let get experience and level while playing. The items and level you play with here are exactly the same as what you have in the normal game mode. Many different objectives will be given as you try to help your world (server) defeat opposing worlds in exchange for permanent boosts and rewards.

Having said all this, Guild Wars 2 is still quite a long way away from being released. The current prediction for Guild Wars 2's release is somewhere cheap guild wars 2 gold at the beginning of 2011. There will surely be other Guild Wars 2 news until then, so do keep checking back for updates.

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